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Nominate a Whiz Kid

Let us know — who should be a Whiz Kid?

We already know moms are awesome. That’s why so many of them have signed on to work with Patch to help their fellow local mothers get the type of information that really matters to them.

But now we want to hear about awesome kids, too. Did your daughter just help win a big game, or is your son wowing the neighborhood with his violin skills? Did she get straight As last marking period, or did he help the community with an Eagle Scout project?

It doesn’t matter how big or small an accomplishment is — kids find countless ways to make their parents and loved ones proud. And we’d like to spread the word. Help us identify the next Patch Whiz Kid honoree.

We’ll be selecting a kid a week from submissions sent to us by parents or legal guardians (or sent to us by others, but OK’d by parents). It’s not a competition —we hope to be doing this for a long time, and want to spotlight all the wonderful accomplishments of our local kids.

So, know a Whiz Kid? Copy the form below into an e-mail, fill it out, and send it along with a picture to Feel free to pass the word on to your friends and neighbors (their kids are probably pretty awesome, too).

If you’re nominating someone besides your own kid, please clear it with his or her parents, and include the parents’ contact information so we can verify they’re OK with the posting:

Nominator’s Name

Nominator’s E-Mail

Whiz Kid’s Name

Whiz Kid’s Age

Whiz Kid’s School

Whiz Kid’s Accomplishment

Whiz Kid’s Key to Awesomeness (what made him/her successful?)

Any questions? E-mail

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