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June 25th, 2013

What’s Your Favorite Summer Memory? (Sponsored)

A Crystal Lake Park District swim lesson, circa 1960s.

What is your favorite summer memory? Close your eyes and think back — where were you and who was with you? How old were you? Were you the fastest in the neighborhood at chasing down the ice cream man?

Did you help your parents plant a flower or vegetable garden? Maybe you remember spending lazy days by the lake, or pool, passing the deep-end test or your first time going off the high dive.

Tell us below in comments! 

Need more summer inspiration? Check out the official ‘Grown Ups 2′ Pinterest page and don’t forget to see the movie, in theaters July 12. 

June 25th, 2013

Post Your Yard Sale For Free and Patch Will Send Shoppers Your Way

June 20th, 2013

All Aboard! Take a Virtual Trolley Ride Around Salem

Take a virtual ride around the city aboard the Salem Trolley.

The Salem Trolley is back in service and is making regular trips around Salem.

Check out the time lapse video above for a virtual minute-and-a-half ride around the city.

Free rides for city residents will run until Sept. 30. Salem residents can receive a resident ticket by providing proof of residency at the Trolley Depot, located at 8 Central St., or on-board the Trolley at any regular stop.

The Trolley runs seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its route includes much of downtown Salem and also the Salem Willows. The complete route map is available at

Click Here for everything you need to know about scheduling and rates.

Did you enjoy the video? Check out this Virtual Ferry Ride from Salem to Boston.

June 20th, 2013

Find Yard Sales Near Salem This Week

June 17th, 2013

If I Were a Kid I Would Totally Do That… (Sponsored)

Ice cream trucks are just one reason to love summer.

Every June, I watch kids enviously as the school year dwindles and the excitement builds. Summer holds so much promise when you’re young: You can do practically anything now that you’re not spending six hours a day in school, your bedtime is extended, and you can sleep till quarter-past whenever. And there’s that whole, “no more teachers, no more books” thing.

Here are a few things I’d do this summer if I were still a kid — what would you do?

  • Time was on my side. Three months off — enough time to beat every video game I own, go creek stomping, perfect my Frisbee throw, swim in every pool on the block, build a tree fort, work my way through my reading list, and still get bored.
  • The ice cream truck. I hear the ice cream man and suddenly have the undeniable craving for a Rocket Pop that will turn my tongue purple. But it’s just not appropriate for a grown woman to go tearing down the street after a white van blaring “The Entertainer.”
  • Free vacations! As kids, we had all-expenses-paid trips to the beach, to Six Flags, and to theme parks. Of course we can still take those trips as adults and enjoy them with our own families, but now we know exactly how much they cost — a lot.
  • All-you-can-eat summer food. I miss the days of going to a cookout and eating whatever I wanted, the idea of counting calories was as foreign as minding my checking account balance. Seconds on dessert? Yes, please!
  • No responsibilities. As a kid you might have to take a turn mowing the lawn. As a grown up you have to do it every week. You also have to weed the garden, paint the shutters, wash the car, stain the deck and clean the grill… Permission to put my feet up? Granted. 

What about summer makes you miss being a kid? Tell us why you wish you were a kid again by posting a comment below.

Need more summer inspiration? Grown Ups 2, starring Adam Sandler, comes to theaters July 12. And as you surely remember, much of the film was shot in Marblehead and Swampscott, with the stars often visiting Salem.

June 15th, 2013

‘Thank You For Smiling’ — Chalk Artists Spread Happy Messages in North Salem

Chalk messages on Buffum Street. Taken June 10, 2013 before the rains washed them away.

As urban dwellers, we’re used to graffiti.

When it’s done with spray paint and involves gang signs, that’s one thing.

But when it’s young girls armed with brightly-colored chalk and optimism, it’s a different story.

At least that’s how I felt early this week when I saw two neighbor girls chalking positive messages on the sidewalks and road surfaces along Buffum Street. I’ve got to say I was happier seeing these than the aggressive chalk messages one neighbor was forced to leave because of un-neighborly dog walkers.

Here’s a gallery of the girls’ messages, all of which have since been washed away by the soaking rains.

June 1st, 2013

Candles for Dudes: Fun Gift or Proof Manliness is Dead?

Yankee Candle


Is a lawn-scented candle sexist? And if so, is it worth letting that go to protect a man’s ego?

That’s the quirky philosophical question Boston Globe editorial writer Jennifer Graham wrestled with in a recent piece. The candles in question are sold by Yankee Candle, the premiere name in smelly fire-based products.

Along with “Riding Mower,” the company sells “Mmm, Bacon!,” “Man Town,” “Movie Night” and “First Down” scents, all geared toward a male market (or to people who buy gifts for men. The collection gets a hearty push around Father’s Day).

What, guys can’t like the smell of lilac?

Even if considering some smells are male and some female scents are sexist, Graham thinks maybe society can spot the fellas this last gasp of traditional manliness.

“These are the last permissible acts of sexism: mowing, grilling, and piloting the family car with the wife in the passenger seat,” she wrote. “These are allowable offenses, the soft sexism that’s still okay, even in a nation that too easily bristles. They are tender bones thrown to comfort men we love.”

What do you think? Are these candles a small signal that sexism is still a real issue in our society? Or are these just fun gifts for guys? Is this just taking some clever marketing, or do small affronts like this really matter? Tell us your thoughts (and your idea for a man-friendly candle scent) in the comments below!